Why You’re Not Getting Real Estate Internet Leads

Real Estate Internet Leads

You’ve got a website. You’re driving a lot of traffic to it. You advertise it to everybody. Clients. Prospects. Social media. But you’re not getting real estate internet leads. Why not?  The answer will surprise you. But you can do something about it starting today. Right now. So you can get more leads. Are you ready?

What your real estate internet leads system is missing

Your real estate internet leads system is missing a proper CTA: call-to-action. Without a proper call to action, prospects visiting your website are not likely to give up their personal contact information. You won’t generate a lead. Most real estate agents assume that website visitors know what to do when they arrive on a real estate website. Wrong. With so much information these days, you’ve got to guide your website visitors to where they should go. And how they should give you their contact info so you can get a lead.

Property listings

On property listings displayed on your website, you can generate real estate internet leads by tweaking your contact form to include a call to action. The CTA can be as simple as “book an appointment” or “get more info”. While some real estate website providers do this, it may not be as clear or visible. It could be surrounded by other information. The website visitor is bombarded with too many things visually. Remember, the ones who designed your website aren’t real estate agents, nor consumers. They’re technical people. And sometimes they love to show off.

Simplify the CTA surrounding your listings. Potential buyer should see a call to action to book an appointment or get more info right away. If you have a website with lots of traffic, lots of listings, but little or no leads or inquiries, fix this.

Seller leads

“Free market evaluation” has been overplayed for many years now. You’ve got to present value in other ways. Otherwise, prospective sellers will have already seen that offer on the websites they’ve visited.  Instead of using the usually free market evaluation, why not do something like an “online consultation via live chat” or a “free report on top ten highest priced sales in your neighbourhood”?  Be crafty. Be creative. Do something differently than other real estate agents are doing.

Set yourself apart from your competition and make a call to action that is different. Something that prospects have never seen before. That way, they’ll be more likely to react to your CTA than your competitors. And you’ll get the lead.

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