The secret to closing more deals

No matter what kind of sales you’re in, there’s only one real secret to closing more deals.  And in real estate sales, it isn’t any different.  The secret is: listening.  If you’re finding it a challenge to close sales, in spite of the fact that you are working with a lot of leads and prospects, you’ve got to determine how effective you are at listening and what you can do to refine your skills so you can close more sales.

But how do you start listening to your prospects, determining their needs, and servicing them in order to make a sale?

The process starts with a conversation — engaging your prospect with a meaningful dialogue that will allow you to determine their needs, gauge their motivation, and provide a service that they will benefit from that will also compensate you.

In order to start a conversation, there are several things you need to do to attract a prospect and build up enough credibility on your part so that they engage in conversation with you instead of someone else.

Position yourself as an expert.

Let’s face it.  Nobody will talk to you unless they see you as a credible expert.  In all of your marketing efforts, you have to keep this in mind.  When you position yourself as an expert, prospects will come to you seeking out your expertise and advice.  By promoting yourself as an expert, you become the ‘go-to’ person that people in your market will go to.

Some real estate salespeople think that by being everything to everyone they will attract the most number of business.  The opposite is true.  By being known as the one person who knows a particular city, neighbourhood or area well, you become regarded as the expert that people need to go to for advice.

Deliver value through knowledge and experience.

The days of hard selling are over.  For the most part.  Consumers don’t like being coerced to sign contracts or tricked into doing something they don’t want to do.  Instead of using hard selling tactics, deliver value through sharing what you know and what you’ve experienced.  Craft your marketing messages to portray the value you add to a real estate transaction by what you know about it and what your previous experience has accomplished.

Know where to find your prospects.

Now that you know what to do to communicate your value to your prospects, where do you find them?  That’s the next biggest challenge real estate salespeople face, but finding prospects is not so much of a secret.

We’re offering a free video course on one of the may ways you can start a conversation with prospective clients.  In this video course, you’ll learn how to create a system that will help you engage in conversation with prospects, and guide them through the real estate process with you positioned as the expert.

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