Tips for Holding a Successful Open House

An open house can be a tremendous marketing tool. It allows house hunters to look through the home without any commitments and appointments. For sellers, an open house also offers a plethora of benefits including the opportunity to gather feedback from several buyers at once. But for anyone to receive these benefits, the open house must be carried out well and that responsibility falls upon you, the real estate agent.  Here are several tips for holding a successful open house.

Door Knock the Area

Don’t sit behind a computer screen and expect to have a terrific turn out. You must get out and promote the event. Knock on the doors in the area and let neighbors know about the open house. Many individuals may come just to see the interior of the home and others will let friends and family know as well. Door knocking also gives you more exposure to the neighborhood and better prepares you to answer your guests’ questions.

Pass Out Flyers

Send out flyers promoting the event to several homes in the neighborhood. Provide many of the basic details about the home such as the number of bedrooms and the square footage, along with many teasers such as updated kitchen and exquisite patio area. When passing out flyers, don’t be stingy. Aim to deliver flyers to between 100 to 300 homes.

Utilize Video Marketing

Video marketing is a tremendous resource for any real estate agent but particularly when it comes to promoting upcoming open houses. Create a video highlighting the features of the home and to encourage viewers to attend the event. Leading up to the open house, you can also create videos about the neighborhood, certain companies or businesses that are located near the home, etc. The more excited that your viewers are about the neighborhood and the home itself, the more likely they are to attend and tell others about it.

Be Prepared

Don’t expect to show up to the open house empty handed. As a real estate agent, this is your time to shine. Have materials ready such as brochures, flyers, and business cards that you can pass out to guests. Be prepared to answer questions about the home such as when the roof was last replaced or if certain appliances are included in the home purchase. Also, take the time to know the ins and outs of the neighborhood such as the crime statistics, details about the local school district, etc.

Have a Sign-In Sheet Ready

When your open house guests walk through the door, have a sign-in sheet ready for them. This helps you keep count of how many individuals walked through the home. Additionally, ask guests to fill out survey feedback forms. This is valuable to the seller — and to yourself — and can help you both determine what steps need to be taken to sell the home.

An open house is only as successful as the time and effort you put into the home. By utilizing the above tips, you can impress potential buyers and sell a home in little time.

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