How to Hold a Successful Community Event

A community event is an excellent way to become involved and well-known in the area. It is a way for you to shake hands with countless individuals, answer questions, and pass out business cards. But, how do you hold a successful community event and where do you even start? Here’s a great guide to help you.

Determine the Type of Event You Want to Host

The first step is determining what you want to do. Determine what your goal is for the event — is it educate, motivate, entertain, etc.? Then, develop a list with these goals in mind. A few entertaining events could include a movie night, children’s carnival, etc. If you want to generate leads and shake hands with many individuals, consider barbecues, fundraiser events for schools, clubs, etc. Or, if you want to educate attendees, consider events like a panel, answer and question sessions, lectures, seminars, etc.

Establish the Basic Information

Once you have determined the type of event you wish to hold, you need to establish the details for the event. For example, reserve a location for the event and receive confirmation from the

venue. You need this information before you start heavily promoting the event. A few details to discuss during the early planning stages include:

* Date

* Time

* Location

* Co-sponsors

* Cost of admission (if any)

* Purpose of event

* Included activities or an agenda

Build Presence and Promote the Event

If you want your event to be a success, you must heavily publicize the occasion. Create a marketing plan to help reach your target audience. Some marketing techniques can take very little time, while others may require a little more effort but still prove widely successful. A few ways to build your presence and promote the event include:

Social media: Publicize the event on your social media channels. You may also consider giveaways, promotions, discounts, etc., as well to encourage engagement and make your followers excited to attend.

Newsletter: Mention the event in your weekly or monthly newsletter. Promote the event several weeks in advance and shortly before the event.

Flyers: Spend time knocking doors and talking to homeowners. This also gives you an excellent opportunity to answer questions and pass out business cards to those in their home.

Mailers: Create postcards, brochures, flyers, etc., that you can mail to all homes in a specific region.

Use the Power of the Press: If possible, publish advertisements in the local newspaper and purchase radio ads at your local station. The more you can get the word out, the better.

Generate Leads Using Various Means

Be creative as you determine various ways to generate leads and help bring in more business. For example, you can host several contests both prior to and during the event. These could be simple activities such as coloring contests, photo contests, or a hot dog eating contest.

Utilize social media and hold a raffle for awesome prizes. You can have all followers who like and share your post receive an entry and even earn additional entries for each person they tag. You may also play a hide-and-seek game online where you hide a painted rock in a certain area

in town, take a picture of the location and post it online. Then, the first person to find the rock and bring it to your office wins a prize.

Holding a community event is an excellent way to step out of the office and generate leads. When done correctly, it will be an event that everyone will enjoy.

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