Stop Driving Around Like An Uber Driver

Working With Real Estate Buyers

Are you in the real estate sales business? Or are you aspiring to become an uber driver? The truth is, some real estate buyer agents are spending a lot of time and resources driving buyer clients around. The clients become frustrated and confused. And the real estate agent doesn’t get a commission. How do you make working with real estate buyers easier and more efficient?

Working with real estate buyers

When you’re working with buyers, you’ve got to figure out what they want. Right away. And the best way to start is by asking. You’ve got to ask buyers what their criteria is. What price point they’re looking at. What they like. What they don’t like. And you’ve got to turn what they give you into a strict set of rules. The rules that determine what homes you see. And what you don’t.

Once you know what your real estate buyers are looking for, you’ve got to set limits. If a house does not fit the criteria, don’t show it. Simple as that. What could you say to buyers to convince them this is the right thing for them?

“Mr. & Mrs. Buyer, as you are aware there are lots of homes listed in your desired area. I’d love to show you all of them. But really, I’d be wasting your time, because I know you have a specific type of home in mind. If it’s okay with you, I want to handpick the best homes for us to look at. Is that how you want me to proceed?”

Make it clear when working with real estate buyers that you are looking after their best interest. And let’s face it. Unless you are practicing to become an uber driver, or you just love adding mileage to your car, you are not doing buyers a favour by showing them every house in the neighbourhood.

It’s a win-win

You and your buyers win when you approach business this way. People value their time. And buyers don’t want to waste time looking at homes they don’t like to begin with. So do yourself, your car, and your clients a favour. Stick to specific buyer criteria. And don’t waste time driving around showing houses that don’t fit.

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