What is Retargeting and Why Does It Matter?

You may have had a couple walk into your office, asking about a listing they saw on your social media channel or your website. You set up a showing, walk through the home, and then they leave. How do you get them to place an offer on the property?

What is Retargeting for Real Estate Agents?

Retargeting is when you continue to bring your brand and business into the minds of these potential homebuyers. You want potential clients to contact you when they are serious to move forward on a real estate transaction. You want to keep the listing and any similar listings in the front of their mind so they want to learn more, move forward, and purchase a home.

While you can continually call and reach out to these potential buyers, you may end up pushing them away, making them annoyed with your efforts. Retargeting is when you use technology, such as online ads to feature your brand and your business.

How Does Retargeting Work?

It all comes down to a pixel. A pixel is a type of code that you embed in certain pages on your website such as landing pages, popular blog posts, calculators, etc. This piece of code then inserts itself into the reader’s browser. As they continue to browse the web, your online ads pop up, keeping your brand and information relevant and in the front of your user’s mind.

How is Retargeting Beneficial?

When your online ads appear regularly on potential client’s browsers, you gain repeated exposure. You don’t have to make dozens of phone calls, send emails, or knock doors. Your brand and your message are displayed frequently and easily. Plus, you won’t annoy and turn away your potential clients from constant contact. They know you are available and will come to you when they are ready.

How Do I Retarget?

If you know very little about coding, don’t fret. There are several ways that you can retarget and find success. One of the best and easiest options for real estate agents with little coding experience is to hire a third-party retargeting service. You can hire individuals to handle the entire process for you. Or, you can choose to purchase access to applications that will walk you throughout the retargeting process and make your entire marketing efforts much more streamlined, focused, and organized.

Most of the major social media platforms, such as Facebook, also offer tools to help you retarget your followers. Your specific agency, location, size, and budget will affect how you retarget and the best option for your business. You will want to heavily research many options, companies, and services to find the option that is best for your real estate agency and needs.

Retargeting can certainly sound complex and confusing — particularly if you are not familiar with the process and the tools. Don’t be afraid to reach out and seek assistance from professionals to ensure you receive the full benefits of this marketing tool.

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