15 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

Research shows that more than 72% of individuals would rather watch a video to learn about a product and service than read about it. Is this true for you as well?  Chances are, it is for your clients. There are a lot of great real estate video marketing ideas you can use to make your audience feel engaged.  This will let you captivate them and easily deliver the information on a variety of digital platforms. There are many ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Let’s look at 15 ideas.

1. Lifestyle Video Tours

Imagine being able to take potential buyers on a tour of the home before they even set foot inside. This is a great way to emphasize features of a house and the lifestyle features of the neighbourhood.  You can do this on your own with a smartphone camera, or you can invest in some equipment to make it look more professional.  If you’re not great with video technology, hire a videographer to do this for you.

2. Promote New Listings

Create a video once a week highlighting some of your latest listings. You don’t have to create video tours for every home but you can certainly display the exterior and promote some of its key selling points.  The idea here is to pique the curiosity and interest of those watching your videos so they can reach out to you about your new listings.

3. How-to Videos

Create videos that teach buyers or sellers how to do something. This could be basic landscaping tips or how to stage an area in the home. More than 95% of online users have watched an informational video to acquire a new skill or to learn something. Plus, more than 90% of all information that comes to the brain is visual.  Video makes it easier for you to convey ideas to buyers or sellers especially if you want them to spring into action.

4. Client Reviews & Testimonials

You don’t need to settle for a written review. Besides, it’s tough to get a written review from a client (I’m sure you’ve tried it before). Instead, shoot a video when your client is at their happiest moment: when they’ve just bought a home or when they’ve just sold their property.  Video adds an element of credibility and trust to your testimonials and is a great way of showing future buyers and sellers what you’ve done to get results for your clients.

5. Learn About Me

Create videos to help clients learn a little more about you and your services. You can create a formal interview-like video or a casual film.  Remember to be yourself.  Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just for the sake of looking ‘good’ on camera.  People want to get to know you and discover who you really are.  So just be your authentic self.

6. Neighbourhood Highlights

Buyers want you to show them the best neighbourhoods for their lifestyle and needs. Create videos that spotlight neighbourhoods.  Show why it’s great to live there.  What are the amenities?  The best restaurants?  Schools?  Businesses?  Creating neighbourhood highlight videos are effective to educate buyers on a particular neighbourhood, and show sellers how much you know about their area.

7. Community Events

Make yourself well known in the community. Attend or host various community events and capture your experience on video.  Be yourself.  Enjoy sharing your experience with those watching you.  You can even do this as a Facebook Live or Instagram Live video for added allure and interest from your audience.

8. Informational Videos

Videos that explain the current housing market, a real estate term, or a process in the buying or selling process are more engaging than any blog post with the same information. The liveliness and character of video adds a whole new dimension to any information you’re presenting. Make sure you don’t just read off a piece of paper when you’re presenting. Internalize the content, make it your own, and add your character to it to make the video impactful.

9. Question and Answer Sessions

Question and answer videos are excellent resources for first-time homebuyers or those who are not familiar with the home buying or selling process. You can make these videos entertaining by asking individuals on the streets or make them more informative and educational in a formal setting. It’s totally up to you. It’s also a great way to generate new content if you’re finding it challenging putting your own content together. It’s dynamic, engaging, and valuable to your audience.

10. Interviews

Interview local businesses, your own colleagues, fellow business professionals, lawyers, mortgage brokers — anyone you can think of. Interviewing makes it easier for you to create content because all you do is ask the questions and let professionals answer.  This also builds your network and shows clients that you’re out there gaining knowledge and information — and sharing it to them for their benefit.

11. Create Buzz

You can create videos to promote an event, giveaway, event you are sponsoring — pretty much anything you’re doing.  When you share your excitement with your audience, the feeling rubs off on them as well.  You’ll see them engage with your video content and share it with people they know, which will help create the buzz you’re looking for.  Positive energy is contagious — and you can spread the buzz about anything you’re doing in real estate by shooting it on video.

12. First-Time Homebuyer Series

First-time homebuyers have a lot of questions and concerns when purchasing their first home. Create a video series that provides information about the home-buying process.  Answer common questions home buyers face.  Give them an idea of what to expect throughout the process.  Creating a video series like this allows you to share valuable information and educate your clients without always having to be there.  They’ll come to you fully knowledgeable and with any questions they may have.  Best of all, you’ll gain their trust.

13. Compare Housing Options

Create videos that explain the difference in housing options such as condos, town homes, single-family homes… This is an informative approach to delivering video content to prospective buyers.  You may even want to share this information with empty nesters who are looking to downsize, or growing families looking to upsize.

14. Business Reviews

Feature various businesses and companies in your town and in certain neighbourhoods. Local businesses are definitely excited and on board for the free publicity and it helps show potential clients that you are familiar with the community. This is also a great networking activity as businesses learn about your real estate service as well.  They will appreciate the promotional work you’ve done for them, and reciprocate your kindness by referring clients to you.

15. Increase Your Brand Awareness

If you want to improve your brand in the community, you can use videos to create a fun and engaging experience. You can create parodies, skits, music videos, and interesting content that can make people laugh and want to share your video on their social channels.  Be different.  Think ‘out of the box’ and put interesting video content together.

Video marketing is a simple way to unleash your creativity and reach your target audience. Experiment with a variety of video ideas and create a video library that you will be proud of.

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