Real Estate Scripts Don’t Work

Real Estate Scripts

Here’s a shocker. Real estate scripts don’t work. Well… it’s not that they don’t work. Some real estate agents have become successful using scripts. But they don’t work in the way you want them to. And here’s why.

Why real estate scripts don’t work

Nothing is better than knowing what to say in every situation. And that’s why sales scripts came into existence. Instead of scrummaging for what to say, salespeople know what to say based on the scenario. Sales scripts don’t work the way you want them to because they’re fixed. Robotic. And don’t have personal style. They’re good to use as a reference. But you won’t sound natural. Genuine. Whenever you’re using a real estate script.

Everybody has different personalities

The people you meet have different personalities. They like different things. Behave differently. Act differently. When you use a fixed sales script, it may not match the personality of the person you are saying it to.

People react to things differently

If you use a canned script or response to everything, you’ll find different reactions. And you may fumble for your next line, or try to figure out what to say. People are different. They react to things differently. So you need to take a script and make it versatile. You can’t sound like a robot spewing fixed responses.

Fixed scripts may come off sounding fake

We can talk about tonality and delivery of words. But  at the end of the day, scripts might sound fake. You need to practice not only how you say something, but how you say it. And how the recipient receives it so it sounds genuine.


What does work

Don’t throw away real estate scripts completely. It’s not that they don’t work. You just have to apply them better.

Knowing what to say in each situation

Scripts are a great way to know what to say in each situation. But don’t come off as robotic. You need to sound authentic and genuine. And you definitely need to know what to say in each situation. Treat scripts as a way to know what you need to say and in what situation.

Yes… use scripts… as a starting point

Scripts are great as a starting point. You should practice several scripts depending on what situation you’re in. But use them as a starting point. After you know what script to use in a situation, use scripts as a starting point so that you build the momentum. The essential thing you need to remember is not to say scripts word-for-word. But knowing what words to say in a starting point. And know what you eventually need to ask for so that you can get the sale.

Creating dialogues instead of scripts

What’s the difference between a script and a dialogue? A script is a fixed set of words to say depending on the situation. A dialogue is a more robust and dynamic delivery of words that have the platform of a script, but can be changed depending on what’s happening in the situation.



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