Effective Real Estate Open House Tips

Real Estate Open House Tips

These real estate open house tips will change the way you do open houses. If you’ve ever done an open house, you know that it could be boring or a waste of time. Guess what — you’re doing something wrong. An open house can be a great way to generate leads and boost your business if done correctly. Here’s how.

Real estate open house tips

An open house isn’t going to be effective if nobody knows about it. Most real estate agents make the mistake of just plopping down signs, sitting at the open house and waiting. The keyword is is waiting. What most agents don’t realize is that the marketing for an open house begins several days before the actual open house itself. Here’s what you need to do for your next open house.

Door knock to promote your open house 3+ days before

Use your open house as a way to do real estate door knocking. Why? This gives you the opportunity to do two things. Firstly, invite neighbours to the open house who may not otherwise randomly see your sign and drop in. When you give a neighbour an invitation in their hand, and provided they’re interested in what’s going on in their neighbourhood, they will drop by. Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to initiate them in dialogue so that you can see if they have any motivation to sell. Start doing this three or more days before the open house so you can cover a lot of area in the vicinity of the open house.

Don’t rely on open house signs alone

If you think your signs will do all the talking, guess again. Somebody driving by will have to see your sign and be interested enough in attending the open house in order for them to show up at the door. Don’t think that putting up open house signs on the day of the open house will drive all the traffic you need. You have to do a lot more than that to bring insane amounts of traffic to an open house.

Print invitation flyers

Print and distribute invitation flyers. You can door knock or send them out through direct mail. If you want lots and lots of open house traffic, send out a minimum of 1,000 to 2,000 open house invitation flyers or postcards. Remember, only people passing by your open house signs will ever learn about the open house unless you do something beyond putting signs up.

Make sure your open house is listed

Most real estate boards have a feature that promotes the open house on the local MLS and the national websites. Make sure you’ve set up your listing correctly to do this. Otherwise, when potential homebuyers are browsing your listing, they won’t find out that there is an open house.

Promote your open house on social media

Use social media to promote your open house. If there’s some real estate open house tips you should follow, this would be one of them. One of the best ways to stir up interest is by posting photos of the home you have listed and promote an upcoming open house to your social media sphere and to your business page in the case of Facebook Ads. You can even target an audience by ZIP or postal code so you can attract people who live in a specific area to your open house.

Have lots of open house signs

Here’s a real estate open house tip that will change the way you do open houses. Have lots of open house signs. Not just four. Not just six. Try at least a dozen or two dozen open house signs. That sounds crazy, and expensive, right? Remember, an open house is a marketing vehicle that will allow you to put your name and brand in a prominent position in the neighbourhood. People living in the area will see your signs. And if you are actively farming a neighbourhood, the recognition of your name and brand on your signs has a great value to neighbours living in the area. Don’t skimp out on signs. Consider them an investment.

Are you ready?

We hope these real estate open house tips change the way you hold your next open house. If you follow the ideas above, you will get a lot of traffic to your next open house. Don’t skimp on anything. Real estate is about marketing yourself and your properties. Make sure people know about your next open house so that you don’t waste your time sitting in an empty room, bored and with no leads.

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