Money Is Made In The Follow Up

Real Estate Follow Up Scripts

In real estate sales, money is made in how well you follow up. Your clients and prospects are busy. After showing a home, or after you’ve visited them for a listing appointment, the real sale is done with your ability to follow up with them. Use these easy real estate follow up scripts to ensure you don’t lose your next listing or home sale because you didn’t do proper follow up.

Be systematic

When approaching lead follow up, be systematic. Set aside a time of day when you will do your follow up. And focus on the task at hand. Remove all distractions so you can perform at your best. Do not be intimidated by lead follow up. If a prospect is not motivated, you can’t do anything about it. As long as you’ve done your follow up, you will identify motivated prospects who are interested in transacting real estate. That’s the primary objective of lead follow up.

Real estate follow up scripts

Every situation is different, and how you approach this depends on your execution of the proper scripts and dialogues. Use the appropriate script based on the situation.

General follow up script

Use this if you want to reconnect and touch base with a prospect whom you haven’t made contact with for a while. This applies whether they are buying or selling.

“Hi Mr. Jones, this is John from XYZ Realty. We spoke a few days ago. I just wanted to follow up with you. Do you still have plans on moving?”


“Great!¬†When is a good time for us to meet so we can discuss your plans?”

After showing homes to an indecisive buyer

After you’ve showed a few homes to a buyer, they may respond with something like they’ll get back to you. They may be indecisive at that point. Otherwise, they would have told you to put an offer together for a home they like. Here’s how to follow up.

“Hi Ms. Smith, this is John from XYZ Realty. I just wanted to ask you — what did you think about the homes we saw last Tuesday?”


“I see. Was there a particular home you liked best?”


“Great. Would you consider putting an offer for that particular home?”


“Fantastic. Let me get started. When is a good time for us to meet to talk about the details of your offer?”

After a listing appointment with a seller

Suppose you went on a listing appointment, and didn’t get the listing on the spot. The seller may have required some time to think about their move. Here’s how to follow up.

“Hi Mrs. Smith, this is John from XYZ Realty. We had talked about the possibility of selling your home on the market. Have you given further thought to our discussion?”


“Great. Were there any questions you had about the services I can offer?”


“That’s good. If everything makes sense, are you ready now to list your home so we can find a buyer?”


“Fantastic! When is a good time for me to come by so we can take care of the paperwork and start marketing your home?”

The idea is to overcome any remaining objectives the prospective seller may have. Identify these objectives, deal with them, and make an appointment.

Make follow up a habit

Starting today, following up on your leads should become a habit. Forget about sales rejection. Just do the work, focus on following up, use the appropriate real estate follow up scripts, ask for appointments and you’ll become better at real estate sales.


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