Real Estate Door Knocking

Real Estate Door Knocking

One of the effective and profitable ways of prospecting and lead generation is real estate door knocking.  The concept is simple. Pick an area you want to work in, make sure there’s activity and turnover, and knock on doors. The problem with this form of prospecting is that many real estate agents tend to complicate an otherwise simple system. Use these ideas and strategies to simplify door knocking so that you can generate more business from it.

Real estate door knocking ideas

Some real estate agents can’t overcome the fear of knocking on doors. That’s okay. If you approach door knocking from a different angle, you can make it work for you. The first thing you need to do after you’ve picked an area is determine what idea or approach you want to take when you initiate the conversation with a homeowner after you’ve knocked on their door.  Here are a few ideas you can use.

Open house invitation

One of the easiest ways to initiate a dialogue with a homeowner is to invite them to an open house. If you don’t have a listing, look for a home listed by one of your colleagues and see if they need help with an open house. If they agree to let you take care of their open house, prepare some marketing materials. Knock on the doors around the listing. Use an open house invitation script to invite homeowners to the open house. Here’s an example:

“Hi, I’m John with XYZ Realty. We’ve recently listed a home for sale at 123 Anywhere Street. We’re having an open house this weekend and I’d like to invite you so you can have a look. Do you happen to know any friends or family looking to move to this neighbourhood?”

Once you’ve initiated the dialogue with them, using a warm tone and inviting them to the open house, you can then ask further questions.

“How long have you lived in this area?”

…wait for their response…

“That’s great. Are you planning on moving in the near future?”

The open house invitation dialogue is great for real estate agents who are starting out with door knocking.

Just listed

Another way to initiate a dialogue with homeowners is to tell them about a property you or your office has just listed.  This gets homeowners curious about what homes might be listed and what they could sell for in their neighbourhood. An appropriate dialogue might sound something like this:

“Hi, I’m John with XYZ Realty. We’ve recently listed 123 Anywhere Street.  It has 3 bedrooms, 2 washrooms and we’ve listed it for $xxx.  Do you know any family or friends who want to move to the area?”

…wait for their response…  More often than not, the typical response is “no” because people have a natural defensive mechanism especially to salespeople.  But follow it up with…

“That’s okay. Do you have any plans on moving in the near future?”

The idea is to engage the homeowner in dialogue. And uncover their motivation to move, if there is one. Not to push them to do something they don’t want to do.

Just sold

This one stirs the curiosity of homeowners, especially when they know what their neighbours have sold their home for.

“Hi, I’m John with XYZ Realty. We’ve recently sold your neighbour’s home at 123 Anywhere Street. We sold it for $xxx. A few buyers who were interested in it didn’t get the chance to buy it, unfortunately. I was just wondering, do you have any plans on moving in the near future?”

Again, the idea here is to uncover a motivation to move, not to push the homeowner if they aren’t interested. When you come off as a genuine service provider while you are doing real estate door knocking, instead of a pushy salesperson, you’ll get much more positive response that will generate more real estate leads and sales for your business.

What happens when nobody answers

Some real estate agents decide that real estate door knocking is ineffective because a lot of the time nobody answers the door. That’s okay. Sales and prospect is a numbers game. But you can influence this situation with marketing materials so you can leverage your time. Make door hangers that lead to a real estate landing page.  Have marketing materials such as postcards or flyers for open house invitations. Show your sold listings. Give a useful newsletter with neighbourhood statistics and data.  There are a lot of techniques you can use alongside real estate door knocking in order to make it a great source of real estate business.

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