Open House Guest Registration

Open House Guest Registration

You probably have a pen and piece of paper at your open house. Or maybe you use an open house app like Open Home Pro. Either way, open house guest registration is a necessity. Not only to protect your clients’ best interest, but also to help you generate open house leads. Unless you have a valid reason or something to offer, some guests will give you a hard time and not fill out your open house guest registration. How do you overcome this?

A simple open house guest registration technique

One technique to get guests to register is to offer them something of value, such as a digital home flyer, market report or recently sold properties in the area.  When you have something that is beneficial to your open house guests, they are more than likely to trade their contact information for it. As long as what you have to offer is valuable to them.

Whenever a guest arrives at the open house, you can start a dialogue that goes something like this:

“Hi, welcome to our open house. I’d like to send you some interesting information about this home. Do you mind providing your name and email address?”

You’ve got to gain their trust and offer something valuable right from the start. You will get a lot less objections when you ask for the name and email address (or phone number) if you provide something of value right from the start. If it’s something that will be beneficial to the open house guest, they won’t hesitate to provide it.

If you want to provide information about recent home sales in the neighbourhood, here’s how you might say it:

“Hi, thanks for visiting our open house! I’ve got some interesting information on recently sold homes around this one. Can you provide your name and email so I can send it to you right away?”

Have a digital file (PDF or website link) ready to go so that you can show your open house guests how quickly you provide value and attend to their needs. Once they’ve provided their email, send the link or PDF right away from your phone, tablet or laptop. This simple technique will already set you apart from the other real estate agents who just ask guests to register but don’t give a valid reason. Try it at your next open house.


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