The One Thing That Matters Most

Sales Appointment

If you’re not getting what you want when you are prospecting, there’s a big chance you’re not doing this one thing. The one thing that matters most when you get a lead while prospecting. And that’s getting a sales appointment. And why aren’t you getting the sales appointment? Here’s the reason why.

Ask for the sales appointment

Whenever you prospect for real estate business, whether it’s buying or selling (mostly selling in this case), you’ve got to ask. Ask for the sales appointment. If you are just talking about real estate, but don’t set up an appointment, you won’t get your prospect to list their home with you, or buy a home through you. You need to get into the habit of asking for the appointment so that you can begin the real part of the selling process, which is identifying your client’s needs and presenting them with solutions for it.

You don’t need to be aggressive

Asking for an appointment doesn’t require you to be aggressive. You’ve got to be a good listener and persuade your prospect that setting up an appointment so you can talk in further detail is the best next step. Some real estate agents come off as pushy and try to close on an appointment right away. Wrong approach. Listen first, figure out what their needs are, and then make a suggestion to meet, something like:

“I think the next step for us is to sit down so we can talk in further detail about your move. Is tomorrow okay, or is Friday better?”

You don’t need to come off as a pushy salesperson. You definitely don’t need to be aggressive. If it’s not time for them to meet with you, you’ll figure it out by reading the next paragraph.

Learn their motivation

Improving your chances of setting an appointment with your prospect is really dependent upon the motivation of the buyer or seller. If you’re working with a buyer, and you want to set up a buyer consultation appointment, you need to ask qualifying questions in order to gauge their likelihood of buying real estate. If you’re working with a seller, you need to find out what their intentions are and why they need to sell their home right away.

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