Becoming The Neighborhood Real Estate Expert: Part 5

Real Estate Neighborhood Marketing

This is the final instalment of our five part series. Be sure to read the first part and go through the series in sequence if you haven’t already done so. Today we’re going to talk about a holistic system and approach to your real estate neighborhood marketing. This will position you as a dominant player. The go-to real estate agent in your neighborhood.

Consistent real estate neighborhood marketing

In order to become the dominant real estate agent you have to be consistent with your marketing efforts. Your branding as the real estate neighborhood expert will only be strong if the homeowners in your area see you and your marketing consistently. And when home buyers browsing the area see your listings, visit your open houses, and find your website.  Effective real estate neighborhood marketing is a holistic system. Not just one piece of the puzzle. You have to execute the combined concepts covered through parts 1 to 5 in this series.

Your system in three words

The entire system we’ve described in these series can be summed up in three words: Capture, Engage and Nurture. Let’s break it down and look at each part separately.


The first part of the series covers how to introduce yourself to the neighborhood, and what you can do to capture the attention of prospects to generate leads. You must capture leads in order to eventually generate sales and lifelong relationships with clients.  A real estate neighborhood marketing system isn’t complete without a way to first capture a lead.


Once you’ve captured a lead, you need to engage them in dialogue. Whether you’re working with a home buyer or seller, you must put forth an effective marketing system that will engage them with content, information and service. Engagement is earned by the content you produce. Your blog posts. The information on your newsletters. Your podcasts or videos. Your website. Engagement can even be done through face-to-face interactions, or over-the-phone conversations.



Once you have turned prospects into sales, they become your clients. Your real estate neighborhood marketing system must nurture client relationships. This will allow relationships to turn into referrals and consistent income. Your marketing system must have elements that allow you to communicate regularly with clients. Email lists. Curated content relevant to their life situation. Start a podcast or video series. Nurture the relationship. Produce content that will serve them and allow them to share it with their friends.

Building your brand

A brand is not just a symbol. A name. The office you work for. Your headshot. Your business card. A brand, like your system, is a holistic experience. A set of values. Beliefs. What you stand for. How you conduct your service. The way you look. The way others perceive you. How they experience you and your service. What they believe about you. A brand is many things. And you need to build your brand.

Building a strong brand is an essential part of real estate neighborhood marketing. It’s what will set you apart from your competitors. And the reason why a home buyer or seller will choose you above anyone else. Invest in your brand and create brand equity. What is your brand worth? What is a sale and relationship worth to you? Invest in developing your brand for the long term so you can become the dominant neighborhood expert.

Invest in your business

Real estate sales isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Newly licensed real estate agents quickly realize this after they figure out how long it actually takes to make their first sale. And then their second. And third. You need to invest in your business in order to make it grow. And don’t treat real estate sales as just a job, or a career. It’s a business. Remember that.

What could you invest in? Systems. Marketing. Branding efforts. Relationships. Self improvement. Training courses. Technology. Make sure you invest in things that will allow your business to grow. Not magic pills. Shiny objects. Or marketing gimmicks. Before spending any money on your business, ask yourself what you expect to get out of the investment. And how you will measure if the investment was worth it or not.

Staying at the top

Don’t be complacent once you’ve become the dominant go-to real estate expert in your neighborhood. Just as you started at the bottom, non-existent, competitors will creep up on you. It’s a challenge to climb to the top. Staying there is even more difficult. Continuously improve yourself. Make sure you provide the best service. Treat your clients well. And keep working hard and smart to be the dominant neighborhood real estate expert.

Share your experience

Thank you for reading through this series. We hope it allows you to take your real estate career to greater heights. Please share your experience with us and our community. We’d love to let everyone know how successful you were at implementing these systems. What you may have found challenging. And what inspires you to do what you do.

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