Becoming The Neighborhood Real Estate Expert: Part 2

Neighborhood Real Estate Marketing

Today is part two of our five part series on becoming the neighborhood real estate expert in your area.  We’re going to talk about staring your neighborhood real estate marketing campaign. Provided you’ve picked an area you want to work in, identified its turnover rate, and know how many homes you aim to sell, let’s talk about how to get the momentum rolling. How to establish your presence. How to get neighbors to see you work in the area and can provide them with service.

Starting a neighborhood real estate marketing campaign

You need to introduce yourself to the neighborhood and position yourself as the real estate expert. Doing this will allow you to gain the exposure you need. When it comes time for a homeowner to sell, you should be visible and reachable. Establishing this presence takes time and starts with an effective marketing campaign.

Write an introductory letter

The first marketing piece you should send is an introductory letter. Introduce yourself. Tell a story about you. Get intimate with your neighborhood. Tell your neighbors how many years you’ve lived in the area. What you like about it. Exciting news they may not know about. Your favourite local destinations, shops, restaurants. Anything that will express to homeowners in the area about your deep roots in the neighborhood. (We’re working on a template letter you can use. When it’s ready, you’ll see the link here.)

Organize a campaign calendar

The introductory letter isn’t, and shouldn’t, be the one and only marketing piece you will send out to your neighborhood. It’s just the beginning. Organize a campaign calendar so you know what you will send out and when. Will you be sending out newsletters with market updates? A monthly letter about what’s going on in the neighborhood? Sold and just listed flyers? Aim to reach your neighborhood area at least once per month. Two times or more per month in a combination of different marketing methods will give you more exposure. You don’t have to just send things out by mail. You can sponsor a community event. Start a networking group or club. Hold workshops or seminars. There are a lot of ways you can reach out to your neighbors on a regular basis. Think of the ways you want to do this and plan it out on a calendar. Work at least a year in advance so you avoid random marketing practices and inconsistent communication in your neighborhood real estate marketing efforts.

Figure out your marketing materials and costs

Now that you’ve got a campaign calendar planned out, figure out what marketing materials are involved in your neighborhood real estate marketing. And how much they will cost. Will you have a lot of print flyers or postcards? Are you planning to give away prizes at community events? Do you need materials for seminars and workshops? Do you need to rent space when you hold networking or club events? Figure out everything you need and the costs associated with them. Treat this as an investment into your business.

Putting your neighborhood online

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about something very important. We’re going to leverage technology with your neighborhood marketing. You’ll learn how to build a neighborhood website and why it’s important to have one. It’ll be a step-by-step guide so you can launch a neighborhood website and start blogging.

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