Make Landing Pages for Real Estate Work

Landing Pages for Real Estate

Many real estate agents are starting to use landing pages for real estate. Some are generating leads. Otherwise… not so much. Building a real estate landing page requires conceptualizing an entire system of lead generation. It’s not that complicated. Here are the essential elements your landing page needs in order to generate real estate leads.

Getting leads with landing pages for real estate

There are several elements that you need to have in place to get leads from landing pages. It’s a complete system. Having one or two elements might get you leads. But having a full system is the most effective and predictable way of generating a consistent stream of real estate leads online. Use these elements with your landing pages for real estate lead generation.

Landing page

The landing page itself — without it, you can’t generate the lead. A landing page is different from a website. It’s literally one page designed to do one thing only: capture a lead. The reason you should use a landing page instead of directing traffic to your website is simple. Your website has a lot of menu items, content and other information. Your prospects can use this when browsing or looking for specific information. But if your goal is to capture a prospect’s name, email and phone number, it’s much more difficult when they’re browsing around a full blown website. It’s much simpler when they arrive at a landing page.

Lead “magnet”

Prospects won’t freely give you their information. Something has to be in it for them. A lead magnet is just that: something of use to someone. It could be a book, video, useful guide, infographic, checklist… pretty much anything that could provide value to their real estate transaction. Your landing pages for real estate should have some sort of lead magnet that a prospect wants.


The offer is what convinces your prospect to get the lead magnet. Even if you have a really great guide on, say, how to buy your first home, without having an offer (get your free guide) the prospect won’t do anything on your landing page. The lead magnet itself is just an asset. You need to tie an offer in with the goods in order to motivate your prospect.

Call-to-action (CTA)

What is a call to action? Something like, “Click here” or “Get your free guide”.  A call-to-action, or CTA for short, is what prompts a prospect to provide their information in order to take advantage of the offer and receive the lead magnet. Without a CTA, your offer will fall on deaf ears. And the lead magnet won’t go anywhere. Your CTA has to be clear, concise and effective. What do they need to do to take advantage of the offer? Click on a link? Provide their information? Make sure your landing pages for real estate has a clear CTA.

Mailing list

A lead is just a lead until you put them on your mailing list. Your landing page system should have a mailing list element so you can start building a database of contacts to market to. Make your mailing lists segmented. Group buyers together, and sellers together. You can also focus down to specific niches. Condo buyers. Buyers looking in a particular area. Homeowners living in a specific neighbourhood. Have a mailing list. When you capture a lead, add them to it.

Automated system

The system should be automated. It should not require a lot of manual handling on your part. Once the lead clicks on the CTA, the lead magnet should be delivered automatically. And the lead should be added to the mailing list without your intervention. This is what separates an effective system that uses landing pages for real estate to generate leads, versus one that is manually managed.

Drip campaign

A drip campaign is a series of emails that is sent out to a specific group within a mailing list. For example, if your lead generation strategy is to attract buyers, you might send out a series of automated emails, perhaps 12 or more, that starts the moment the lead is added to your mailing list. Automation is key here. But you also don’t want to have emails sounding dry, boring or robotic. Remember, prospects receiving your email will be reading it for the first time. So write it as if you were sending it at that moment. Keep it evergreen or relevant. Personalize it as much as you can using automated processes and mailing list features.


You should know how much traffic is arriving at your landing page. How many clicks your call-to-action gets. How many leads are added to the mailing list. How many of them read the drip campaign emails. How many leads become prospects. And how many prospects close and become clients. Your landing page system should have a way to generate analytics. Same with your mailing list system. On your end, keep track of the conversions into sales.

Lead generation can be simple

If you use the elements above when you create landing pages for real estate, your lead generation system can be simple and yield a lot of business for you. Know each element. Test out variations of content, designs, CTA’s, lead magnets… and work to see what’s best at generating leads and prospects for your real estate business.

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