How to Build a Podcast Following

How to build a podcast following

You have recorded and published your first episodes for your real estate podcast. Congratulations! Now, you must focus on building your audience and making them want to listen week after week. Unfortunately, this process can be much more difficult than recording and publishing the podcast itself. Let’s take a closer look at several things you can do to build a following and publish a successful real estate podcast.

Focus on Your Content

Your content will make or break your show. If you don’t provide anything of value to your listeners, they will not stay and subscribe. Before you publish each episode, outline your show. Research and have statistics available that listeners care about and want to know. Cover topics that your target audience is interested in learning. If possible, develop a content strategy for the entire month and plan ahead for all upcoming topics.

Go Online

You want an easy way for your listeners to find and learn about you. You also need a way for them to ask you questions, provide feedback, and respond to comments or inquiries you make during your shows. To do this, you need to develop and maintain a strong online presence. Maintain a website and regularly post new blog posts, photos, and links to the show. Also, spend time on social media and be active on various social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. The more you can build an online presence, the easier it is to reach and connect with listeners.

Focus on the Details

When you publish each episode, add a creative title and write detailed descriptions, which tells the listeners exactly what they can expect for that specific episode. Don’t hurry through this critical step. This is the first impression your audience will receive of your show. If they aren’t impressed, it doesn’t capture their attention, or it does not evoke their curiosity, they are less likely to give up their precious time to listen to you. Be compelling. Provide details. Have fun and be creative.

Be Consistent

When you decide to start a podcast, you must commit 100%. Your following will depend on your podcast and if you skip a week or a day when you promised to publish a podcast, you will lose listeners.  You must be consistent with your publishing schedule. When you first launch your podcast, determine how often you will produce an episode — whether that is once a week, day, etc. — and stick to it.

Gather Feedback

The only way you are going to become better and produce a show that your audience wants to listen to is by asking for feedback and criticism. Conduct several surveys using your social media channels, website, and email subscriber list and ask for feedback. However, don’t take the comments too personally and implement the feedback as best as possible.

Launching your own podcast takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and money but the result can be well worth it.

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