How to Get Great Real Estate Reviews

Real Estate Reviews

When a prospective client learns about you through your advertising or word of mouth referral, chances are they’re going to go online and search for you by name. What will they find out about you? Believe it or not, you can influence the type of reviews you get online. And when you get positive real estate reviews, people will find them. And that works out in your favour. Let’s see how you can start getting five star reviews.

Ask for real estate reviews

Start getting into the habit of asking for great real estate reviews. Not only from existing clients, but also from clients who you start working with. Set a high bar of service. Exceed it. And let your clients know you want them to review you. You can collect reviews on real estate agent websites and also on Yelp, your Google business page and your Facebook business page.

Manage expectations

Right from the start, manage your client’s expectations. Tell them what services you will provide when it comes to buying or selling their home. And don’t say something you won’t deliver on. Each client has different expectations. Make sure you understand what your client is looking for. And what their level of experience is when it comes to real estate transactions. Guide them and help them navigate the complexities of the deal.

Be transparent

Your ultimate goal is to provide a high level of service. Don’t get too caught up with a five star review. Just be transparent in the way you conduct business. When you set a clear expectation for clients, positive real estate reviews will follow. Keep your promises. Do what you say. Clients value transparency and a full awareness of the process. They don’t like being left in the dark. Or going through an ambiguous experience.

Give your best service

The best way to get five star reviews is to give your highest and best level of service. Don’t take shortcuts. Once you’ve set the expectation of what kind of service your clients should expect, deliver on it. That way, when you ask for a testimonial or review in the end, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with a gleaming one.

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