How to create a Facebook community page

Facebook is one of your best tools to generate leads, gain a following, and improve your online presence. While there are many marketing strategies that stem from this social media platform, a community page should be one of your priorities.  Here’s how to create a Facebook community page so you can become the most influential real estate agent in your neighbourhood.

What is a Community Page?

A community page is a Facebook page that is dedicated to a certain neighbourhood or area. It is a way you can gather a large group of individuals who live in or are interested in your area to share ideas, learn about community events and interact with you. A community page is an excellent way to provide information to clients about the community, businesses, upcoming events, neighbourhoods, and other community information. It gives you the opportunity to show potential clients your level of expertise and passion about the community you serve.  It tells them you’re an expert: that you’re highly knowledgeable about the area.

How Do You Create a Community Page?

Creating your own community page can be done in a matter of minutes. It’s a lot easier than you think. And trust me, it’s well worth it. Follow these steps to create the ultimate community page so you can start gaining influence and a strong presence in your neighbourhood.

1. Decide on the Purpose and Name of Your Community Page

Before you even begin the creation process, you must determine why you want to create a community page and its name. For the purpose of this article, we will call our community page Ottawa Real Estate 101. When you create your own community page, make sure it’s focused on the actual community, neighbourhood or area you’re trying to serve.  The more specific it is, the better your community page will perform.

2. Login and Create Your Page

Log into your Facebook profile. If you have a business profile, use this account. On the top toolbar, you will see a drop-down menu. Click it and select “Create Page.” From there, you will be given two options “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” Choose the Get Started button for the Community page option.

You will then be asked to provide basic information about your community page. You may also be prompted to include other details such as your profile and cover image.

3. Customizing Your Page

Now is the time to let your creativity unleash. You can include a variety of images, add descriptions, and fill in the information about your mission and purpose of the page. You can also begin adding posts and providing additional content on the page. However, as you begin to add content, make sure your posts target your audience.

For example, because this community page is about the Ottawa community, you may post content with the following information:

  • Upcoming events
  • School ratings and data
  • Community events
  • Interviews with local business
  • Housing market updates
  • New listings in your neighbourhood

4. Begin Promoting

Once you have established a strong foundation for your page, you can begin the promotion process. Invite individuals to like and follow your page. As you do this, make sure you show people the benefits they receive from following your page by providing engaging content and useful information.

5. Regularly Publish and Monitor Your Success

Once you have attracted followers, it is important that you regularly publish content and maintain the community page. Create a publishing schedule that works for you by putting together a content calendar.  Make sure the content you publish is relevant and not too overbearing to your audience. You can monitor the success of your website by clicking on the Insights tab located on your menu bar. This will help you see how your posts are performing and can be instrumental in helping you develop a strong content marketing strategy.

When done correctly, a community page can be an excellent way to reach your target audience, improve your online reputation, and promote your brand. Start sooner than later so you can gain traction (ahead of your competitors).  Becoming an influential real estate agent in your community can contribute greatly to your success in real estate.

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