Email Marketing Tools You Should Know About

email marketing tools

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of generating leads and connecting with your past, current, and future clients. However, finding the time to properly market your business and send effective emails can seem impossible. Luckily, with the right tools, you can create a hassle-free email marketing campaign and connect with your clients without wasting your valuable time. To make these processes much smoother, here are several email marketing services that you should know about.


MailChimp is a very common and popular email marketing service and rightly so. This tool is very intuitive and straightforward. It allows you to create multiple campaigns with ease and organizes your emails so they are informative and simple for your followers to read through. It allows you to send emails to thousands of subscribers and it provides analytics to help you determine what is and is not working with your plan. Additionally, there is a free plan available that is fairly robust, helping you save some money until you have a massive following.


Drip is another excellent email marketing application for real estate agents. If you have very little experience creating an email newsletter or launching an email campaign, Drip is an excellent starting place. It is very simple and has a very small learning curve. It also offers integration features for platforms such as WordPress and has many cool tools for creating, editing, and sending out your email. It also offers a free plan but is designed for a small subscriber list.

Constant Contact

If you want to send an email quickly and that looks incredible, Constant Contact is an email marketing service that you should consider. This application features hundreds of templates you can choose from to easily send your emails. You also have access to dozens of analytics, helping you improve and enhance your entire marketing campaign. When you sign up for this service, you receive the first 60 days free and you can choose a package that best fit your needs.


If you live in an area with many ethnicities, languages, etc., Benchmark is an excellent option for targeting everyone. This application lets you create gorgeous emails with lots of visuals and colors in little time. Creating emails is as simple as dragging and dropping content and images and you can integrate various applications in your emails as well. Additionally, you can include surveys and more directly into your email, helping to create a more engaging email.


If you have several agents working in your agency and you want to send out a large email, MailJet is highly recommended. This email marketing solution allows you to work with several individuals and build an incredible email. Designing the email is simple with editor options to help enhance the visuals and captivate your readers. It also allows you to group and segment your subscribers, provides full analytics, and even the cheapest plan offers unlimited contacts.

Finding the right email marketing service is going to make all the difference between an email that looks professionally done or one that is quickly sent to your subscriber’s spam folder. By writing an effective email that generates leads and using the right tools, you are sure to see an increase in your business’s success.

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