Does Door Knocking Still Work?

For real estate agents, you must generate new leads to be successful. With the advancements in technology and the internet, there are countless online marketing techniques such as videos and social media that can attract new clients. But, what about older methods such as door knocking?

Does Door Knocking Still Work?

First, let’s look at the research:

* Nine in 10 people say small meetings are their favorite form of communication.

* 72% of people say first impressions are affected by the person’s appearance and their handshake.

* 100% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential if you desire a long-term business relationship.

So, the simple answer is yes, door knocking is still an effective marketing method for real estate agents — if you do it correctly. As you canvass neighborhoods, keep in mind that you are not a salesperson knocking on doors to sell a service or product. Instead, you want to connect to the community, let homeowners hear your name, be available to answer questions, etc.

Door knocking may not produce immediate results. Most likely, you will not have an individual ask to place their home on the market right away. But, you are building relationships with individuals and making an impression so when the time comes for homeowners to sell their house, you will be their first call.

What to Knock For

As you develop your door knocking strategy, think about how you want to connect with others. A few ideas could include:

Invite Them to Open Houses

If you are hosting an open house in the neighborhood, knock on doors and invite neighbors to attend. You may also ask them if they have any friends or family members who are looking for a home that they — or you — could invite.

A Recent Listing

Ideally, when you knock doors, you want to generate a conversation with the various homeowners. You can do this by mentioning a listing in the neighborhood. Tell them about the listing and even compare it to their current home. Most people are curious and will want to know how they can make more money on their home when the time comes.

Ask them a Favour

When you knock doors, you want people to get to know you. You want to seem personable, knowledgeable, and friendly. A simple way to accomplish this is by asking homeowners to tell you why they love the neighborhood, what attracted them to it, etc. This helps you become an expert in the community and is a simple way to open up a conversation.

Other Door Knocking Tips You Should Always Remember

In addition, there are several tips to ensure you find success during your door-knocking adventures. These include:

* Bring plenty of marketing materials with you. This could be a flyer, business card, or door hanger. This ensures every person you talk to has your contact information.

* Practice what you will say. You will appear more confident and have an easier time getting individuals to talk to you.

* Do your research. Many homeowners may ask you questions about selling their home and the current market.

* Don’t just knock doors to knock doors. Instead, have a purpose behind walking around a certain neighborhood.

While door knocking will take more time than posting on social media or sending out a monthly newsletter, it will also reap big rewards and help you stand out from the competition. Keep the above tips in mind as you begin knocking doors and generating leads.

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