How to Create a Successful Real Estate Seminar to Gain Business

A seminar is essentially a large conference or training session. For real estate agents, this can be a tremendous marketing tool to help bring in potential home buyers, homeowners considering placing their home on the market, investors, etc., and meet with them. During this time, you can shake these individuals’ hands, gather their contact information, and showcase your expertise in the real estate industry. However, you can’t simply place a poster on the outside of your office and expect your real estate seminar to be a success. Let’s take a closer look at how to create a successful seminar that will help you generate leads and increase your business.

How to Prepare

The preparation is one of the most important factors of your seminar. Poor preparation will result in fewer attendees, unimpressed guests, and cold leads. To properly prepare, here are a few things to consider:

The Venue: Where do you plan to hold the seminar? Do you want a large conference room, an auditorium, a small dining hall? Determine the type of atmosphere you hope to create during the event and choose a venue that matches.

 The Time and Date: The details of the event are crucial. You need to give yourself plenty of time to properly prepare for the event.

The Presentations: Who is going to present during the event? You want to bring in professionals who can discuss buying, selling, or investing in the real estate industry. For example, consider lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, accountants, etc., as your presenters.

Cost: Plan ahead and set an adequate budget for the event. Will you have enough money to cover food or drinks? How much will you spend on promoting and marketing the event? Will you need to pay the presenters? Keep the expenses in the forefront of your mind during your entire preparation.

How to Promote Your Seminar

Once you have established all the specifics, you must heavily market and promote the event. The more effort and work you put into this stage of the process, the larger audience you will have and the more leads you are likely to generate. Consider all possible marketing techniques such as mailers, door-to-door canvassing, radio ads, press releases, etc. Social media can also be a terrific tool to spread the word. Offer giveaways and prizes for people who share your seminar posts on their own social media channels. In addition, expand your reach by creating a separate event page on your social channels and write blogs about the event.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have many presenters for the event, encourage each of them to heavily promote the seminar as well. This will help you expand your reach to a different audience and possible demographic. Also, don’t forget to promote and encourage your email subscribers. Frequent newsletters are a terrific — and simple — way to spread the news.

What to Do Following the Seminar

Just because your seminar is over, it does not mean the work is done. Now is the time to close the leads and covert. Here are a few ideas to do just that:

  • Send out seminar materials and possible presentations
  • Send out small surveys and feedback forms
  • Call and talk to possible leads
  • Send postcards thanking individuals for attending
  • Encourage attendees to write reviews or follow you on social media

Ideally, you want to stay in the forefront of all the attendees’ minds. When they are ready to make the first step, you want to be the first call they make. You do this through regular contact, active blogs and social media channels, consistent email newsletters, and more.

A seminar is an excellent way to educate individuals and increase your business, but you must do it correctly. Use the above tips to create a seminar that you will be proud to host and that will bring you an increase in leads.

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