Content Writing Practices that Will Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

There are many factors that can improve your website’s search engine rankings. In fact, there can be more than 200 items Google considers when ranking websites and the algorithm used is continually changing. While things such as keywords and backlinks are critical to your success, the best thing you can do is write high-quality and unique content. This not only provides a more user-friendly experience for your audience, but the content is more valuable and informative. It is more likely to resonate with your audience and be shared.

To help you create content that will rank high, consider the following content writing tips.

Choose a Unique Topic

Ideally, you want to rank on the first page as 75% of all clicks go to one of these results and 33% go to the number one position. But, if you choose a very boring and generic article idea, this will not happen. For example, let’s take a look at the article titled, “How to stage a home.” When searching for this phrase on Google, there are hundreds of results, making it hard to rank on the first page. But, by giving this a unique twist such as home staging mistakes, bedroom staging tips, etc., you create a more focused article and increase the likelihood of receiving clicks and ranking.

More is Better

While content with few words is fast to create, it isn’t always best. In fact, statistics show that the average first-page result on Google contains approximately 1,890 words. This means you want to create longer, more detailed content. But, keep in mind that you don’t want to fil your posts with fluff. Provide useful, relevant information. If you struggle with this concept, go through each sentence and ask if it contributes and is necessary to the overall article and if not, cut it.

Keep Formatting Tight

The formatting of your content is critical. You want to create pages that are visually appealing and do not overwhelm your readers. When your audience clicks on a page, they should be able to quickly skim it and understand many of its key points. To do this, keep all of your paragraphs short. Ideally, you want each paragraph to be four to five sentences long. For each new idea, create a new paragraph.

Additionally, use subheads. This not only improves your formatting, but it allows you to easily include keywords throughout your copy as well.

Write Well

If you want to receive more shares, links, and conversation around your real estate website, you need to ensure your content is written well. When you have content that is filled with many misspellings, grammatical errors, poor formatting, etc., it affects your credibility. Too many mistakes may cause your audience to quickly click out of the page, believe you don’t pay attention to small details, or think you are not knowledgeable and an expert in your field.

Take the time to look over each piece of content.  There are many free applications that will help spellcheck and grade the readability of your content. A few to consider include:


Hemmingway Editor

Readability Analyzer

Juicy Studio


If you want to improve your search engine optimization, do more than just focus on keywords. You need to improve the quality, relevancy, and formatting of your content. Use the above tips and you’ll see the difference it makes in your overall online presence.

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