5 Simple Tips for Creating Incredible Landing Pages

real estate landing pages

Landing pages are powerful resources to generate real estate leads. It is a simple way to target a specific niche, gather their contact information, and motivate them to do something. But writing the content for these landing pages must be carefully thought out. You don’t want to fill your pages full of text and you certainly don’t want extra information that will only distract your audience. To help you craft the perfect landing page, here are five tips you need to remember.

1. Focus on Your Goal And Your Audience

Determine the goal of your landing page and your specific niche and write the copy around it. For example, if you want to create a landing page that targets homebuyers in a certain price range, make sure your landing page targets that group of individuals. The more you target and focus on your goal and audience, the better you will be able to generate real estate leads.

2. Write a Catchy Headline

Just like when writing a blog post, you want to have an incredible headline. You want to evoke some type of emotion in your audience whether that is curiosity, surprise, excitement, etc. The headline is one of the most important parts of your content because if it does not immediately captivate your audience, they are less likely to keep reading or provide the information you are looking for.

3. Explain How this Will Benefit Your Readers

Don’t waste your time writing about why your readers need to click or provide information to you. Rather, you want to explain how your offer will benefit them. Will it help them more accurately price their home? Improve their property’s value? Narrow down their home-buying search?  You want to make it appear that you have the best deal possible and your audience will be left behind if they don’t move forward.

4. Use Reviews, Testimonials, etc.

In addition to showing how your offer will benefit your readers, you want to show how it is has proven to be successful in the past. If you have excellent customer reviews or testimonials from previous clients, include those on your landing page. These can be powerful motivators if designed correctly. In fact, 74% of consumers say that positive customer reviews help them trust a local business and 84% of online users trust an online review as much as a friend sharing their own personal recommendation.  

5. Don’t Overthink it

One of the benefits of a landing page is that it is extremely simple to write. You don’t want to fill the page with anything that will distract your audience and make them think about something else. This means you want content that is short, simple, and straightforward. Write a few versions of the same landing page and ask friends or family for their advice on which copy motivates them the most.

When done correctly, landing pages are a simple way to generate real estate leads. Remember, that your first landing page may not produce incredible results and you may need to make some tweaks; but after writing and testing, you will find success.

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